Children of a genocide - documentary (TRAiler)       director / producer / camera

This snippet trailer establishes the premise of the 62-minute documentary; an intimate exploration of the issue of “white genocide” and the consequential effects of assimilation across burgeoning Australian-Armenians raised within tightly knit diaspora communities.


  • Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan Armenia, 2017.
  • Glendale International Film Festival, Los Angeles California, 2017.
  • Melbourne Armenian Community event, 2016.
  • Sydney Armenian Community event, 2016.

Genocide Memoir - Boghos Tavrayan2.jpg
Genocide Memoir - Boghos Tavrayan3.jpg

Genocide memoir: Boghos Tavrayan - Short FILM - 14min               filmmaker / EDITOR

At the age of four, they took his parents away. He didn't know what happened to them, nor why his parents were abhorred. The only thing he knew was his first name. 

Screenings / Awards:

  • Pomegranate Film Festival, Toronto Canada, 2013 - Best Short Documentary.
  • ARPA International Film Festival, Los Angeles California, 2012.
  • ANCA Genocide Commemoration, Sydney Australia, 2012.

the blind passenger - short film (trailer)          DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / editor / FX

A solitary blind man struggles for independence locked in a mind numbing persistence of his memory. The Blind Passenger is a 15-minute experimental art-house psyche-thriller taken from the mind / point-of-view of a blind man.

Screenings / Awards:

  • Sydney Underground Film Festival, 2013 - Audience Choice Short Film
  • B-Movie Underground & Trash Film Festival, Breda Holland 2014 - Best Short Nomination
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2014
  • A Night of Horror International Film Festival, Sydney 2014
  • PollyGrind Film Festival, Las Vegas 2014


Tommy the kid - short film - 12min

A lighthearted short film about life's small victories. Directed by Stuart Clegg.