Australian-Armenian film-maker Shahane Bekarian eloquently explores the manifestation of the Armenian genocide and identity through second and third generation survivors born and raised in the close-knit Australian-Armenian milieu. With compelling mastery, Bekarian uncovers archival footage of genocide survivors interviewed in Australia, including that of his maternal grandfather Boghos Tavrayan, who painfully recount their personal atrocities and inhumanity endured under the Ottoman Empire’s brutal 1915 regime to exterminate the Armenian race.

Children of a Genocide - trailer
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As part of the revelation, Bekarian skilfully captures the sentiments of second and third generation direct descendants of those survivors, who compellingly return to the root of their identity and cause. In honouring his grandfather’s legacy, the documentary awakens the conscience of diaspora Armenians, young and old, locally and globally, urging them to re-visit their inherited values and re-examine their personal imprint upon the noble cause to enrich and propel the sanctity of identity and lead the global fight in genocide prevention.

"The personal journey in creating this film helped root my Armenian identity and gives me hope for the future of Armenians around the world".

Shahane Bekarian